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  • Paul Riker

    May 30, 2009

    I am a registered Republican who is disenchanted with the party for several reasons. I’ll enumerate them because I may be just one of the many who are now declaring themselve to be independents.
    1. I want the members of the party to stand first for principals that the party once stood for – Smaller government at all levels, adherance to the original constitution, Lower taxes, a strong market based capitalistic business environment, and not just honesty
    but rather a more demanding criteria called integrity in
    our elected officials.
    I don’t want to follow the suggestion of a high profile Republican who has suggested that we must move to the left in order to win elections. This individual Republican publicly endorsed Obama and probably voted for him.
    I want a party that has the spirit of the Tea Parties. I want a party that will have a candidate for governor that stands further to the right than Crist.I want another Tom Rooney or three or twenty in the congress.
    If we can have a true alternative to the Obama course to socialism. If we can go to the streets with a message of real hope and change (see above)then I will be with you with enthusiastic joy.

    Paul Riker