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  • UStinman

    January 23, 2010

    What a great week for the not so silent majority!
    I Hope everyone understands how significant this was and what it means.
    INDEPENDENTS are the largest voting block and growing everyday.
    I believe there is no difference in either party and by registering as many people as possible, we will nullify both parties and we will
    make them 535 independent contractors that will be compelled to do the work OF THE PEOPLE ,or lose their job. No more, the TALE wagging the DOG. No matter how much money the special interest throw at them, they don`t fave the votes to mean a thing.!
    If you read this,an want your country back,register as an Independent,
    and till your friends and relatives to do the same.
    In NOV.2010 we will stop them cold.
    Just think, by 2012 we will set policy,no more PC Bullshit!!