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  • Do You Still Believe?

    Who still believes in Barack Obama as a leader? That’s really the key question 10 months into the presidency of this community organizer, who’s never held a real job or run a business. From what I can tell those that still believe in Obama are the elite media, Democrats (those that hate G.W. Bush and those that are so far left they think Hugo Chavez is a moderate) and the Kool-Aid drinkers that just don’t know any better.

    With his healthcare “reform” on life support and his “cap and tax” bill on the back burner, the president turned his attention to an elite media blitz. He spent Sunday Morning doing interviews with ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and UniVision. The interviews were mostly unremarkable, in that the hosts (I dare not call them journalists, lest I insult true journalists) asked the Community Organizer-in-Chief softball questions. Even when George Stephanopoulos did ask Obama about the ACORN scandal, he let the president off the hook after Obama claimed not to know about all the money ACORN was receiving from the American Taxpayers. This Sunday Morning liberal lovefest was followed on Monday by an appearance on ‘Late Night with David Letterman’. Once again Obama yucked it up, playing the rockstar and abandoning all semblance of being presidential. All of this face time was intended to convince the American people of how wrong we are about Obama’s healthcare agenda and the rest of his misguided ideas and how wonderful he’s supposed to be. The polls would indicate that he failed miserably on both counts, again. The elite media may believe in Obama, but rather than helping him change our minds about the Prez, they’ve only reduced their own relevance.

    The Democrats, and I should specify that I mean Democrat politicians, still believe in Obama either because they share his left-wing agenda or because they have little choice. Their political futures are irrevocably tied to his now and his to theirs. Except for the rare animal known as “Blue Dog” Democrats, the Dems in Congress are hell bent on achieving their agenda while they still control both the Senate and House of Representatives. They know that the majority of the voters don’t want what they’re peddling, but they intend to force it through, even if it means they lose effective control in the 2010 mid-term elections. They’ve abandoned the moderates in their party who spent August having HR 3200 quoted to them by angry voters that have made it clear that any member of Congress foolish enough to vote with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will be unseated next year. Already Harry Reid and Chris Dodd are down in the polls and many expect them to lose their senate seats. Other true believers like Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank are in safe districts and feel invincible. They don’t care that independents, moderate Democrats, conservatives and Republicans, even those that are their constituents, consider them out of the mainstream. They’re going to take advantage of having a naive, young president that shares their liberal agenda. This is the opportunity that they’ve been waiting for, and they’re not going to let it pass.

    The Kool-Aid drinkers fall into two categories, those that drink it by choice and those that don’t even know they’re drinking it. The first, are the Bush haters, the America haters and the self-hating liberals that are guilty that they’re successful, while others are not. These people are beyond reason and won’t realize that Obama isn’t the “One” until the nation collapses into bankruptcy or is attacked 9/11 style, and probably not even then.

    Those that don’t even know they’re drinking the Kool-Aid are the people that watch the aforementioned elite media and believe what they’re told to believe. They’re told the economy is improving, so they believe it. They’re told that Obama’s “stimulus” improved the economy, so they believe it. They won’t believe that Obama is a failed president until the elite media tell them he has.

    So who believes in Obama’s leadership 10 months into a presidency marked by failure and denial? The lying enablers in the elite media, the lying enablers in the Congress and the guilty and oblivious in the general public. All of them, for one reason or another, need to believe in him. To stop believing in Obama would somehow mean admitting that everything they believe in is wrong. Of course, that isn’t true. Obama is after all, just a community organizer, an average politician and an average orator. It’s not Obama they believe in, it’s the idea of Obama they believe in. He is a creation of people like David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama. He’s been packaged and marketed, like any product that people buy. The trick is to convince them to stop buying.

    Steven Rosenblum

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  • The Kids Who Never Got Picked To Play

    Do you all remember growing up and the kids who never got picked to play? They would always just sit on the sidelines and decide to heckle those in the contest. Many times they would go off to home, sulking, and just ridicule those playing as dumb and stupid. It became a focus in life for them to make those that did not allow them to play pay for that decision. They could have developed the skills and courage to try, but that was just beneath them. They preferred to be allowed in just because and believe that everyone should be allowed, and get a trophy for showing up.

    As I sat there in DC this past weekend it dawned upon me that those kids did indeed grow up, and now they are in control of America.

    Yes, the effete, petulant, elitist, intellectuals educated at our “finest” universities are truly making us pay for not letting them play. I realized that when I watched the news media reports on the 2 Million gathered on 9-12. David Axelrod stating that we were not representative of mainstream America. Robert Gibbs boasting that he had no idea what was going on. There were the typical media outlets downplaying the crowd and calling them racists who just don’t like having a black (actually half-white) President.

    See, the kids who never got picked to play believe, as they always have, that ignoring and ridiculing is a means of engaging debate.

    The problem is that when you are in control of our America, ignoring and ridiculing are not viable means to govern and lead. It is just hilarious to see the left in such disarray when they have always been the greatest of protesters and hecklers. If 9-12 had been a Code Pinko anti-war rally it would have been on every news outlet in America. Heck, how many times were we forced to watch Cindy Sheehan camp out in Crawford Texas?

    These are the kids who never liked to face hard problems but would just run home expecting pity and adoring parents to comfort them.

    Did any of you find it interesting that last week President Obama decided to “call us out” during his joint session address to Congress? Well, we answered his call and about 2 Million came to Washington DC. What did the President do?

    He ran away to Minnesota so an adoring crowd would cuddle him….what a coward!

    And obviously there are others who recognize the lack of resolve and courage in our fearful leader…..Osama Bin Laden just released a tape calling the President of the United States, powerless.

    The irrational emotionalism which guides liberals renders them incapable to lead even a kindergarten class to recess. We see them unable to decide what they should do for Healthcare reform, but as always; the kids who never got picked to play blame others. Their lack of a sense of responsibility and accountability is indicative of a childlike immaturity.

    Here are some clear examples;  if we do not call it a war on terror, we don’t have to fight….it is just an overseas contingency operation. Let us not call anyone an enemy and release terrorists to exotic vacation locations, then they will like us. Let us grow government and take over various levels of economic production and tell taxpayers it will not cost them anything. Let us cheat on our taxes but be Secretary of Treasury and Chairman of Ways and Means Committee. Let us create a Department of Energy to make America energy independent, but become more dependent on foreign energy.

    Doggone, they are making us pay for not picking them with their inept policies based upon failed socialist dogma!

    I am so glad that I did get picked to play, but also I got in the house in time to study and develop my intellect. It has always been fun challenging the intellectual elites not just mentally but also physically, where they cower and retreat. My principles of governance are rooted in conservative ideology, not likeability and emotionalism.

    I had the great opportunity to have parents that did not shield me from tough situations but admonished me to develop my courage and competence. And after a career in the Army I realize that leaders make tough decisions based upon insight and intestinal fortitude.

    Since the mid-term elections of 2006 we allowed these poor souls who have never truly known thrill of victory or the sting of defeat, while growing up, to control our Republic. Each day they have proven themselves incapable of guiding this great Nation. Sure, the liberals reading this will go into their typical Bush derangement syndrome and start yelling about Republicans. As I stated, my ideology is conservative, and when you move away from those principles of governance you lose. However, one thing I give President G W Bush, he never ran from a fight or the chastisement of the party of hecklers…..yes, long before Congressman Joe Wilson.

    Imagine, we now have a group in charge of America who I cannot envision throwing a ball, catching, running, and shooting, just nothing. Look into the eyes of Reid, Pelosi, Rangel, Frank, Schumer, Waters, Wexler, Klein, Dingle, Clyburn, any of them and think about what do you see? They remind me of the basic training platoon from the movie “Stripes” with Bill Murray.

    Examine President Obama without his teleprompter, certainly not a lean mean fighting machine….but he sure can give a speech.

    There is a part of me which actually has pity for the left because of their sad pathetic existence. But I do not feel this way for long because I have nothing but contempt for them and the complicit media machine they have created.

    I would prefer them to stay on the sidelines and heckle……even better, go home and have some warm milk and graham crackers while Men and Women of courage, competence, commitment, conviction, and character take the reins of leadership.

    After seeing the 2 Million in Washington DC on 9-12 that is exactly what shall happen in 2010.

    Lt. Col. Allen West

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  • The Dilemma Of Prosecuting ACORN

    It’s safe to say that ACORN has been an affront to the sensibilities of every law-abiding person in the US since at least the 2008 presidential campaign. Their former problems, however, are nothing as compared to the difficulties they’re now.  Due to this most recent outrage, they’ve been “fired” from participation in the 2010 Census, and, most recently, the Senate voted to cut off future funding to that organization

    Of course, the very idea that they would have had any participation in the census whatsoever was, in and of itself, an outrage. ACORN’s current problems can be credited entirely to two young, brave (and perhaps naive) video-journalists, together with Fox News and Talk radio. Others who should be credited are those  ordinary citizens who took the time to write their members of Congress to express that sense of outrage we all felt. In the words of William F. Buckley, Jr., “The best defense against usurpatory government is an assertive citizenry.”

    Just like the death of a thousand lawyers (as the old joke goes) ACORN’s dismissal from participation in the next census represents a “good start.” Every time they get caught “with their hands in the cookie jar,” ACORN management claims it to be the work of a few rotten apples. The stench, however, does not emanate from the bottom; it sinks from the top. Accordingly, rather that prosecute the “little guys” at the bottom of ACORN’s organizational chart with a plethora of suits scattered across the nation, the Department of Justice should bring one massive RICO (racketeering) suit against their entire management structure. This is precisely what RICO suits are for – to prosecute corrupt organizations.

    There’s only one problem with this. It would require the approval of the Attorney General, Eric Holder. You remember Eric Holder, don’t you? He’s the moron who called the people of the United States a “nation of cowards.” The real coward, however, is Mr. Holder himself. He didn’t even have the courage to prosecute a few low-level Black Panther thugs for their actions at the polls last November in Philadelphia. He certainly won’t have the courage to do the right thing, go against the wishes of his boss (the ultimate ACORN organizer) and indict ACORN’s upper management.

    Michael Dorstewitz

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  • A Conservative Approach To HealthCare

    This year’s August heat has brought more than high temperatures and developing tropical storms to south Florida.  Political discourse has reached a fever pitch over the proposed health care reforms Congress is proposing.

    Our health care system needs reforms.  We must make our system more affordable and accessible to all Americans.  These reforms can be instituted within the classic conservative principles of limited government, liberty, individual responsibility and accountability, and free market solutions.

    A true Conservative believes in the individual and setting the conditions for their success. I offer that the post-modern liberal approach feels the “collective” is more important than the individual. Our US Constitution plainly states that the preeminent purpose for Government is to protect the Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness of the citizen, we Americans.

    Reducing costs of health care can begin by making changes to our legal system which often results in catastrophic litigation brought against medical professionals.  How many “tests” are ordered by attending doctors for us only as a precaution against potential lawsuits?

    These costs associated with unnecessary lawsuits are real and often have no basis in fact.  A 2006 study by the Harvard School of Public Health found 40% of the lawsuits studied had no patient injury and/or no medical error.  Mississippi and Texas recently passed legal reform and insurance premiums have decreased by as much as 70%.  These are real savings that will be passed on to health care consumers. 

    However, as former DNC Chairman Howard Dean stated last week in Alexandria, Va at a townhall meeting, the trial lawyer lobby is more influential than doing what is right.

    Why is it that healthcare insurance competition is restricted to individual States? Open this up across the country allowing Americans to receive the best possible plan for their needs. This will force insurance companies to compete for our interest, not us being slaves to them.  Personal choice for health care coverage should be a hallmark of any reform.

    We need government to provide tax incentives for covering of pre-existing conditions and warn the American people about companies that do not provide best coverage for our citizens. We must also provide tax credits for the working poor, who want health coverage but cannot afford. We can also explore the possibility of increasing child tax deductions for families based upon healthcare costs.

    And Americans must have the freedom that portability affords them; they should never have to drop an insurance plan. We have to establish the relationship which is permanent and not that which places them at a disadvantage.

    Guaranteed renewable individual insurance contracts are a means by which we can provide Americans the ability to purchase long term, future insurance. This initiative would create the individual relationship, promote portability, and preclude denial on pre-existing conditions. Americans who choose this option would be afforded a tax credit.

    We should advocate individual Americans receiving the same tax benefits for individual healthcare plans as enjoyed by employer based plans.

    Small businesses should be allowed to pool together in groups in order to have better competition with larger companies and corporations.  Pooling small businesses together will create economies of scale and more employers will offer coverage to their workers.  These associated health care plans can only be propelled forward by Congress taking action today to encourage more competition for our health care dollar. 

    Flexible health savings plans allow individuals to have money withheld from their paychecks by their employers. This non-taxed money is then refunded to the individual through a claims process. In effect, the government is losing the income tax and social security tax on the money and is setting a condition in which the individual analyzes their annual healthcare needs. In the case of a catastrophic or new condition, an individual’s medical insurance would kick in. Money not spent in a certain year rolls over to the next and the healthcare dollars continue to grow.

    Any legal obstruction to this concept should be removed by Congress.

    Those who support a single payer, public option plan should recognize this already exists in the form of Medicaid/Medicare/SCHIP. These are government medical programs which are funded by our taxpayer dollars. These programs are intended to cover those who fall within the respective cracks in the system. Just this past January, SCHIP was expanded to beyond the poverty income level to $83K and the definition of a child, according to new legislation was raised to 25 years of age.  Those who are eligible for these programs should be encouraged to sign up for this coverage. 

    My Dad, who passed in 1986, older brother and I are veterans who interact with the VA Hospital system. I know what government run healthcare systems look like. Ask any Veteran, it is not pretty.

    It is well recognized the government run systems are filled with waste and abuse.  Any health care reform must ensure these pre-existing government medical programs are meeting their intended purposes; effectively and efficiently. I would offer this is one of the first lines of attack in healthcare reform for the government.

    No discussion of health care reform would be complete without including the costs of covering illegal immigrants.  An administrator at Martin Medical Center recently disclosed one patient who had stayed at the hospital for 760 days.  Another patient had incurred over $1.5 million in health care charges. 

    Our system simply cannot sustain these costs.  Stopping the flow of illegal immigration to our country will save all citizens money in our personal health care expenditures. 

    On Tuesday, August, 18 I hosted a health care town hall meeting in Deerfield Beach.  Nearly seven hundred people attended from all walks of life.  At the beginning of the meeting, we announced that all who wish to express their opinions would be given the opportunity to do so.

    Many of the attendees expressed very passionate views on health care.  But all were afforded the opportunity to speak their piece and were polite in listening to the views of others.

    After listening to the varied views of those in attendance, I recognized there was a common thread running through many of their presentations:

    Opposition to any expansion of a government run health care system.

    • Keeping government out of the relationship between the patient and their doctor.
    • Expansion of personal choice in selecting health coverage.

    I agree with these solutions.  Those in Congress should listen to these citizens in drafting health care legislation.

    I served in the military for 22 years and traveled to 13 countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I can assure you we have one of the best health care systems in the world.

    Let us never forget that the government is an entity that can run itself at a loss and raise capital by enacting taxation legislation. That is not fair competition between a public option and private sector.

    Of course our system needs reforms.  We must always strive to make our systems better.  But I also believe we can reform our health care system while maintaining the conservative principles that have made our country great. 

    Lt. Col. Allen West

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  • 8 Years Later, Are We Safer?

    I’m not an expert on terrorism or intelligence gathering. But I am an expert on the impact of terrorism on Americans. As I’ve mentioned before on this program, my brother-in-law was one of the 2,996 people that were murdered on September 11th, 2001. He was working in the North Tower of the World Trade Center when American Airlines Flight 11, piloted by an Al-Qaeda terrorist slammed into it. The effects of his death and the deaths of all those lost in both World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon, American Flights 11 & 77 and United Flights 175 & 93 are still being felt by my family and all the 9/11 families to this day.

    By most credible accounts, there was no actionable intelligence that the attacks were going to be carried out on that day in the way that they were. There were many factors that prevented our intelligence agencies from having the information we would have needed to prevent the 9/11 attacks. I personally think that the impeachment of Bill Clinton, which distracted his administration, the Congress and the public, as well as a general apathy, both in the government and in the public were contributing factors. We thought we were safe, we thought we were invincible and the government to that point had treated terrorism like a law enforcement issue. Likewise, most had forgotten Al-Qaeda’s first failed attempt to bring the Towers down in 1993. I was working in a pharmacy, directly across the street from the Manhasset Long Island Railroad station at the time. I can clearly remember the people, many of whom I knew on a first name basis, streaming into our store with soot on their faces and especially their noses that evening. The looks on their faces, stunned and frightened said just one thing they now understood what terrorism was.  But the biggest single factor preventing us from being ready on September 11th, 2001 was the lack of human intelligence. Our foreign intelligence and domestic law enforcement agencies weren’t on the same page and weren’t communicating the things they knew and connecting the dots. Prior to 9/11 the CIA and FBI weren’t permitted, or inclined to share information. And a few do-gooder politicians, most notably former NJ Senator Robert Torricelli, had made rules regarding who the CIA could and could not use as paid informants. This policy was enacted by President Clinton and became known as “the Torricelli Principle”. The Torricelli Principle grew out of an alleged conspiracy between the CIA and the Guatemalan Army. The conspiracy theory concerned the CIA’s supposed illegal funding of the Guatemalan army in its fight against guerrilla groups. As it turned out, the CIA wasn’t funding the Guatemalans. It was simply paying a Guatemalan officer for information on drug smuggling. But the conspiracy buffs managed to convince Torricelli to buy their theory about the back-channel funding and the informant’s role in killing an American citizen. This allegation turned out to be untrue. But Senator Torricelli managed to get the CIA Director to adopt a policy that said they couldn’t employ terrorists as sources. How can we expect our intelligence agencies to infiltrate terrorist organizations, to gather the information they need to keep us safe, if they can’t employ terrorists?

    Post 9/11, the Bush Administration put in place policies designed to make the CIA and FBI share information on terrorists and employed techniques, though controversial in the minds of some, that kept this nation from being attacked again. They treated international terrorism as a war, utilizing the military to track down terrorist leaders and training camps around the world and taking them out. They recognized that this is a very different war. Waged by people that don’t wear uniforms and who haven’t signed the Geneva Conventions. Our enemies deliberately target civilians and don’t represent nations, but instead an ideology.

    Now eight years after 9/11 the CIA is being defanged and demoralized yet again by liberals that live in a fantasy world, where the bad guys are playing by some sort of rules. Al-Qaeda beheads anyone unfortunate enough to fall into their hands. The US gives captured terrorists, medical care, good food and the chance to practice their religious beliefs. With the approval of President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, the same guy that okayed the Marc Rich pardon, has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the CIA, the agents that interrogated high value terror detainees, like Kalid Sheikh Mohammed, and the attorneys that gave the Bush administration guidance on which Enhanced Interrogation Techniques could be used. Those techniques got KSM to reveal information that prevented additional attacks on the US and our allies, when less aggressive techniques failed. In short a little discomfort applied to the mastermind of 9/11 kept hundreds, perhaps thousands of innocent people from being killed.

    At the same time the CIA is being investigated, the Obama administration is releasing dangerous detainees from Guantananmo Bay back to countries like Yemen, that harbor terrorists and that won’t even guarantee the former detainees will be imprisoned when they get home.As the 8th anniversary of 9/11 approaches this coming Friday, I fear that we’re much less safe than we were just 10 months ago. I think that this administration and this Justice Dept. have returned us to a pre-9/11 footing and that the results will be more American families suffering the same losses that the 9/11 families suffered and continue to suffer. I hope that I’m wrong, but I think I may actually be understating the danger.

    Steven Rosenblum

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  • “Astroturf?” I’ll Show You Astroturf!

    Today I joined a protest outside the staged healthcare forum that occurred in Delray Beach at the South County Civic Center. Representative Robert Wexler (D) FL-19, who actually lives in Maryland and Alcee Hastings (D) FL-23, the impeached federal judge turned Congressman, spoke at a closed forum sponsored by the Florida Association of Retired Americans. There were 500 seats and the tickets were given almost exclusively to supporters of Obamacare. The questions had to be written down on cards and there was no interaction between the audience and the congressmen. According to those that were able to get inside, the questions were softballs and both Wexler and Hastings made it clear they’re steadfastly for the “public option”.

    Outside the Civic Center the SEIU and Organizing for America were protesting for Obamacare with their printed signs and a marching band (dressed in Obama t-shirts) bussed in, at taxpayer expense, from Ft. Lauderdale at the request of Alcee Hastings to drown out the opponents of the President’s plan. A woman with a handcart and two coolers of cold water, screened people to make sure they were for Obamacare before she would give out a bottle in the searing heat. I guess that’s the compassion that we can expect from a single-payer health plan as well.  Those of us against Obamacare would not be drowned out, either by the marching band or the thugs that spent the day yelling “liar, liar, liar” and “Yes we can!”.

    The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, which had a deputy taking pictures of the protestors and their signs, estimated the crowd at about 1,500. I’d say the numbers for and against were about equal, we may have slightly outnumbered them. But we weren’t bussed in or paid to be there. The “astroturf” was definitely on the pro-Obamacare side.

    While the congressman from Maryland was bloviating inside, candidate Edward Lynch, Wexler’s opponent was addressing the crowd outside. And unlike Wexler was answering questions from anyone that had one. Since Ed has actually read the bill, he was able to field questions from those for and against Obamacare.

    The press was out in force and from what I saw on TV when I got home from the event, the coverage ranged from fair-to-biased. Most of the coverage I saw was critical of the high school marching band being bussed in. They interviewed a couple of the kids, who seemed to have no idea why they were even present. Hopefully there will an investigation into who authorized them to be out of school and who paid for the trip. It would be interesting to know if their parents were aware that their children were being used this way.   

    Clearly the local Democrat congressmen are going to vote for this ill-conceived legislation, no matter how many of their constituents tell them that they’re against it. Hopefully, enough “Blue Dog” Democrats will feel the heat from their voters and join with House Republicans in opposing the bill. That and the fact that the Senate version doesn’t include the “public option” may kill the bill. We can’t stop voicing our opposition now. We have to continue to speak and speak without fear!

    Steve Rosenblum

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  • No Thanks. I Can Scratch My Own Back.

    Thanks in part to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s disastrous “Kenneth the Page” performance several months ago, the American grocery store as shining example of capitalism’s virtues has become a bit of a scarred cliché. However, a recent experience of my own caused me to reconsider the concept, especially in contrast to the current policy “solutions” for health care “reform” being bandied about in Congress.

    To me, August is the time of the year that Congress does its best work, namely that it goes on vacation and leaves us alone, or in the case of Representative Ron Klein, does everything humanly possible to avoid us. Strangely, this brings us to my example. With Congress largely staying out of our interactions with the local grocery store, for example, letting us buy only those items we want, allowing the store to charge whatever it wants for any item, and refraining from setting up a “public option” to keep those grocery stores “honest”, goods at grocery stores are various in their type and inexpensive in their cost. And not just for staple food items. For instance, at the local grocery store I purchased three money orders totaling $1147. The grand total of the fees was a whopping $2.67. 96 oz of light blue “Life Force” Gatorade cost me a staggering $2.97. 22 contractor-quality trash bags, each 42 gallons in capacity, ruined me to the tune of $6.99.

    Modern liberals (Statists) walk into a situation such as this and think, “You know what would be better? Grocery store reform devised by vehicular manslaughterer Ted Kennedy and mortgage defrauder Chris Dodd, implemented by tax cheat Kathleen Sebelius and supervised by community organizer Barack Obama!” If this is what passes for liberal intellectualism, then count me as one of the “teabagging rednecks.” Though my mother warned me against name-calling and stooping to someone else’s level, I’m going the two-can-play-at-that-game route. While the statists bend over the backside of the government’s couch, look back with their government-unless-you’re-adjusting-my-thermostat-stay-out-of-my-bedroom-eyes, smile demurely and purr, “Thank you Nanny, may I have another,” constitutional conservatives and libertarians have been proposing real reforms that the mainstream media and Congress have largely ignored. The most important of these proposed reforms would start with flattening and simplifying the tax code. This would allow U.S. citizens to take home more of their paychecks to purchase necessary medical services. In addition, it would help us move away from our current third-party payer system and towards a system where 300 million of us shop around for services and customize our insurance plans (similar to what we do with our groceries).

    Of course, this really isn’t about health care/insurance/medical care. It’s about control. Most U.S. citizens, I believe, want the government to keep its grubby paws off of the money we earn, and more importantly, our bodies. While I am concerned about the plight of the poor, health care is not a right. Something is not a right if exercising it creates upon somebody else a duty to perform (such as a doctor to perform surgery, a nurse to hook one up to an IV bag or Mom to put a bandage on one’s boo-boo). More importantly, one person’s needs do not create a claim upon my or anyone else’s rights. I’ll support the current legislation as soon as the Statists can explain to me why my moral obligation to care for the poor supercedes the poor person’s moral obligation to refrain from using force to infringe upon my rights to life, liberty and property, either directly or with government as proxy. I suspect, however, that I’ll continue to hear the same answer: crickets chirping.

    Jason Moss

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  • Do Unto Liberals As They Have Done To You

    Last month’s Washingtoons piece was entitled, “The Breaking Point; Summer of Discontent”. Now I would never consider myself prescient but it does not take a rocket scientist to realize what has occurred this past month. Americans who have been disregarded by members of Congress and Senate have had enough.

    They did not want the TARP bill last October. They did not want the stimulus bill. They did not want the Cap and Trade bill. They have seen the national debt, deficit, and unemployment grow. However, in each instance no one listened and all these pieces of legislation were passed; of course Cap and Trade awaits Senate approval.

    We mentioned last month that the new target was healthcare and the 1000+ page bill is chock full of mandates that have nothing to do with improving healthcare for Americans. The people have read this bill, something that some members of Congress admit they don’t do……Congressman John Conyers. Americans are not convinced that this proposed plan will reform healthcare, rather just promote more government growth, government control, and tax increases.

    As members have come home for their taxpayer funded summer recess, they have been welcomed home by constituents who want answers. These townhall forums have become rather heated, but who can blame the people?

    However, what has been the response from the liberal Democrats and the mainstream media?

    Concerned American citizens are being called Nazi’s, evilmongers, racists, tea bagging rednecks, and right wing extremists. They have been accused of organized protest and even had an email set up,, which enables their “fishy behavior” to be reported. And there have been Americans who received unsolicited emails from David Axelrod with the White House letterhead to their private email accounts. Three of my friends have received such.

    We are witnessing something really disturbing in America.

    At issue is not the reaction of concerned American citizens but rather the response from the Democrats, liberal media, and the DNC. It seems they are resorting to their normal Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” tactics; Rule #5, Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

    They are lowering themselves to calling American’s a mob and trying to depict concerned American’s as sore losers. What they fail to realize is that in America we live in a Republic where we respect the rule of law, not being ruled. We have a Constitution which affords its citizens rights such as free speech, freedom of expression, and freedom to petition the government.

    It is amazing to me that when the opposition to President Obama’s questionable policies expresses their dissent they are demeaned. When I flip over to CNN and MSNBC, not often but to understand what the opposition thinks, I find that they don’t think. They only seek to create a racial confrontation by fomenting the belief that white American’s refuse to accept a black POTUS.

    What the liberal socialists had best recognize is that their venom is no longer effective, we are anesthetized to their bite. Seems we found anti-venom and we all have been injected to produce anti-bodies. We are not going to back down.

    As well, the DNCs running of insidious advertisements and the White House created “Great American Snitch” program only indicate desperation.

    One must find it comical that the same folks who brought you the professional community organizer President are attacking citizens organizing. We have seen anti-war protests by Code Pink, PETA tossing blood on individuals, left wing enviro-terrorist groups attacking SUV dealerships, ACORN and SEIU protests, and even voter intimidation at polling stations (New Black Panther Party, Philadelphia). Yet, concerned American citizens are called extremists?

    President George W Bush was constantly attacked from his inauguration in Jan 2001 to the day he departed office Jan 20, 2009. Dare you speak of the anointed one? You are a racist.

    Left wing blogs attacked Governor Sarah Palin and made allegations that her young Son Trig is not hers. But when the opposition questions the birth certificate authenticity of President Obama they are referred to in derision as “birthers”.

    Left wing news media attacked former First Lady Laura Bush reference a traffic accident when she was a teenager. No one is questioning the law license inactive status of First Lady Michele Obama. And what is up with (22) staffers for the First Lady Michele?

    The Bush twins were regularly part of media attacks, dare no one speak of the Obama daughters who attend wonderful Sidwell Friends School. This is an exclusive school where it is not possible for other children in DC, who are just a little less fortunate but qualified, to attend thanks to their Dad’s decision.

    What is happening is that some of us read the book “Rules for Radicals” and we are turning the table on the liberals. Here are some examples;

    Rule 1: “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have”

    Rule 3: “Wherever possible go outside of the experience of the enemy. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat”

    Rule 4: “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this……”

    Rule 8: “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions……”

    Rule 9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself”

    Rule 11: “If you push a negative hard enough and deep enough it will break through into its counterside”

    Rule 13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”

    It seems to me that the liberals are great at dishing it out but intolerant of taking a punch.

    As for me, well, I am above the name calling. I would never say President Barack Hussein Obama is a thin skinned, inept, malignant narcissist. It is beneath me to call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a weak spineless wimp. It is unconscionable to refer to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as a maniacal pathological liar.

    However, my opponent Congressman Ron Klein, well, does remind me of the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz….before the Wizard gave him courage.

    As a 22 year US Army combat Veteran I can smell fear, and the left wing liberals are showing it.

    My admonition, be like a shark which senses blood in the water and attack. The left truly felt that since they won, we would lie down and not fight back against their dangerous agenda, wrong!

    I will say what may not be politically correct but the future and legacy of our Country is at stake. Get out there and live by the new Golden Rule, “Do Unto Liberals as they Have Done to You”….and watch them crack.

    Lt. Col. Allen West

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  • The Unfairness Doctrine

    I want to talk about something that scares me even more than the socialized health insurance issue. In late July, while everyone was focused on healthcare and the town halls, a man by the name of Mark Lloyd became the Chief Diversity Officer of the Federal Communications Commission. This is yet another Obama czar, who wasn’t confirmed by the Senate. Mr. Lloyd was a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress focusing on communications policy issues, including universal service, advanced telecommunications deployment, media concentration and diversity. He was also in the Clinton White House.

    Lloyd has called for making private broadcasting companies pay licensing fees equal to their total operating costs to allow public broadcasting outlets to spend the same on their operations as the private companies do. This policy would essentially take all the profit out of running a private radio station. The purpose of this according to supporters, is to promote diversity and pay for educational programming by revamping the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which is a non-profit entity created by Congress. In fiscal 2009 it received $400 million from the government. Lloyd believes, and I quote, “This funding should come from license fees charged to commercial broadcasters. Funding should not come from congressional appropriations. Sponsorship should be prohibited at all public broadcasters.” He also believes in regulating content on both public and private broadcast stations.

    The result of all this government intervention would be a stifling of free speech on the airwaves. In particular conservative talk radio, which has dominated much of A.M. radio over the past couple of decades. The liberals realized that they couldn’t get the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” passed in Congress, so they’re making an end run around the Congress. The goal? To silence people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and other conservatives that have been successful not only financially, but in swaying public opinion on such things as last year’s “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, “Cap and Trade” and of course the current healthcare debate.

    I disagree with Mr. Lloyd’s policies which I feel are an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment and which are clearly anti-capitalist. The airwaves belong to the people of this nation. Clearly the success of Rush, Levin and Hannity have shown that the people like these programs. And sponsors like advertising on these successful programs. By contrast, the failure of “Air America”, which was heavily funded by George Soros and featured such luminaries as Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo, would indicate that the American people don’t like what they’re peddling. There are at least a couple of liberal talk show hosts that have been successful, Alan Colmes probably being the best known. Colmes has said publicly that he opposes the Fairness Doctrine, so I would have to assume he would like Mr. Lloyd’s approach even less.

    I have already personally written to my congressman, Florida Senator Bill Nelson and President Obama to urge them not to allow these policies to be enacted. I’ve also written to Mark Lloyd himself at the FCC to express my opposition. I would urge each of you to do the same and to encourage your friends and family as well. If this is allowed to happen, it will only be the beginning. How long before they’re taxing and regulating the Internet? How long before a show like the one you’re listening to is impossible to air?

    This is the sort of thing you’d expect to see in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela or Castro’s Cuba, not in the United States of America. If it goes forward, then dissent against any government policy or administration will be stifled in a chilling way that can’t be allowed in a free republic.

    Steven Rosenblum

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  • Your Mother Wears Army Boots

    In the early 90’s, after just having moved to Florida, I was ethnically, and maybe even racially profiled by police in Broward County.

    I was on my way to see a prospective client and I got lost. I found myself driving around in a neighborhood where run down houses and commercial buildings were all mixed together in a jumble.

    While driving slowly so I could read street addresses, I came across a big sign posted on two by fours in the front yard of one of the houses. The sign said that the house had been seized and condemned for being a crack house. Curious, I stopped, and from my car window, read all the legalese printed on the sign. I had never seen a sign like that before, nor had I ever seen a crack house.

    After reading the sign, I drove off, and about ten blocks away, I was stopped and surrounded by police who, with weapons drawn, told me to get out of my car with my hands up.

    There must have been around ten officers pointing guns at me, one with a shotgun, and I had to stand with my hands on the hood of my car while I was searched.

    Make a long story short: The police had staked out the block where the crack house was and they thought I was the drug dealer’s mafia connection. The police had run the plate on my black late model American car, came back with an Italian name, and figured I was the guy. In the end, the police apologized for the mistake, we chatted awhile, and I had an amusing anecdote to tell.

    Later that afternoon, I just happened to be on the phone with my personal attorney, and I told him the story because I thought it was funny. Lawyers being lawyers, my attorney immediately wanted to sue and he was shocked when I responded “absolutely not, the police were just doing their jobs.”

    My lawyer didn’t believe the mafia story the cops told me, and after thinking about it for a few hours I wasn’t so sure about it either. It is entirely possible that I was stopped because I was a white guy driving around in a poor black neighborhood, and white guys driving around in black neighborhoods are usually looking for drugs.

    Since I’m not a race hustler from Harvard like the infamous Professor Gates, or a President of the United States comfortable with slamming the police without knowing the facts, I never thought of documenting the “teachable moments” from my racial profiling incident.

    I had a valid driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance and I politely handed them to the police after I was searched which immediately broke the tension.

    I spoke and acted like what I was, a lost businessman mistakenly stopped by the police. I did not cower or grovel, but I did not insult or demean either. I calmly and rationally explained what I had been doing. I did not act like a gangster, or in the case of Gates, a “gangsta”, and within seconds, the police stopped treating me like one.

    Another point that one would think painfully obvious is that you do not use “fighting words” when interacting with the police. Just about every real guy in the country has a few words that they won’t tolerate. Black, Irish, Italian, Mexican, whatever, there is a slur that when uttered, means it’s time to stop talking and start swinging. These words are signals that guys use to telegraph their intentions to fight one another. Women can do it also, but it’s almost universal among men.

    Besides all the usual ethnic, racial and sexual slurs used to start a fight between men, the unquestioned King, or Queen if you will, of fighting words is saying something about a guy’s mother. Anywhere in the country, among any racial or ethnic group, that will get you punched in the face.

    In my role as a political consultant I’ve worked with a lot of police, and I’ve learned that police break the world down into three kinds of people: Cops, citizens, and criminals. Talk and act like a citizen, and you get treated like one. Talk and act like a potential criminal, and you will get treated like a criminal.

    So if Professor Gates wants some street cred, and gets all “gangsta” when talking to the police, than Gates shouldn’t complain when he gets treated like the wannabe gangsta he’s pretending to be.

    Anyone who uses fighting words with the police, or even someone a lot bigger than them, and thinks there won’t be any consequences, is an idiot. That’s just the way the world is, and if Gates or anyone else doesn’t like it, then, “I’ll speak with yo Mama outside.”

    Jack Furnari

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