Day 12:40 pm

  • Drill Here, Drill Now

    If we should have learned anything from the oil embargoes of 1972, ’73 and ’79, it is that we must develop the vast natural resources with which our country have been blessed.
    If we should have learned anything from the lack of success of the Department of Energy, brought into existence by Jimmy Carter as a response to OPEC’s oil embargoes, it is that government is wholly incapable of meeting the challenge. It must be done by private American industry.
    Apart from BP’s recent discovery of oil in that region, we have known for decades that the Gulf of Mexico is probably the largest depository of natural gas in the world. In addition, the northern slope of Alaska quite probably has the biggest deposit of crude oil in the world. Yet Congress continues to sit on its hands and bemoan our fate. It refuses to drill because “we won’t see results for five years.”
    This is ridiculous for at least three reasons:
    1. The price of foreign oil will immediately drop as a reaction to our own drilling for domestic oil. We saw this happen just last year, and all we did was to discuss the possibility of drilling.
    2. The same, tired argument was used in the 70s; had we drilled then, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion now.
    3. Development of a practical “green” energy will take much longer than the five year estimate Congress has given to develop new oil & natural gas fields. When is the last time anyone has looked at solar panels? On a clear, sunny day, a single large panel will turn on a light bulb – that is it.
    Every time someone brings up the subject, I am reminded of Aaron Tippin’s song, “Drill Here, Drill Now.” America, it is time for us to wake up and follow Mr. Tippin’s advice.
    Michael Dorstewitz
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